Ensuring the most suitable hairstyles for Men and haircuts for Black Men

New Hair Styles for Men Next Year (Popular Hairstyles)


Now nearing the end of 2013. How do predictions on popular hairstyles for next year, while this year only so many variations of short hair styles for men which is good. Of data and the number of viewers that I have seen over the internet, many are looking for a trendy and popular hairstyles like Spike or Mohawk hairstyles short, hairstyles classic, hairstyles Crew, Cornrow hair styles, Military hairstyles, Flat-Top hairstyles, Bald styles, and many more a new hair styles.

It seems that the hair styles that will be popular next year (2014) is a classic type of hair styles by upgrading to the latest hairstyles. Classic hair types are still quite in demand by the world community. So I think that hairstyle or haircut is still popular next year is a short hair styles or also known as a short haircuts. For curly hair please visit this links site.

Ronaldo Hairstyles
Ronaldo New Hair Styles
From what I know that people prefer the short hair, whether it is by men, women, and the elderly. This is due to practical use. Short hair styles is very attractive to men like as Short Spike Mohawk hairstyle. Characterized by new hair styles with short hair on the sides and tassels at the top of the crown. Often used by soccer star C. Ronaldo. Indeed, Ronaldo hair styles often vary in every game. The famous musicians also use the short hair style. Many black men have used the short hairstyles. I think some celebrities wearing short hairstyles, there is even a bald style, whether it's for a challenging role or because they want to use in everyday life.

This is my prediction while there may be a mistake. But what is clear from what I know that short hairstyles is in great demand by the people around the world.

Estimates Short hairstyles are trendy for men in the year 2014 that will be popular are as follows;

  1. Classic Trendy hairstyle, 
  2. Spike or short Mohawk hair style,
  3. Military hairstyles
  4. Bald hairstyle, 
  5. Short hairstyle Cornrows,
  6. Flat Top Hairstyles,
  7. Caesar hairstyle,
  8. Short to Medium length hairstyles
  9. Afro hairstyles.
  10. Messy hairstyles.
  11. Undercut
  12. etc..
We need to know that there is no limit on hair style, all that can change according to the desire and time that continue to proceed.

New Hairstyles for Men